The Artist

Lutz Münzfeld

„The exhibition of original works on canvas by Lutz Münzfeld achieves to bring one of the most renowned Neo-Impressionists of the present to Pulheim.

Lutz Münzfeld is known like for expressing Light and Atmosphere on to the canvas. His art is a continuation of Claude Monets landscape painting and, upon close study, only consistent. He perfections Impressionism, which captures a merely fleeting moment, partly in photographic realism.“

Thomas Wehr –


Born in Remscheid, Germany

Fine art training
Learning old techniques
Encounters with local painters

Artist and teacher studies

In-depth devotion to impressionist landscape studies

Landscape paintings while traveling abroad

1985 – 2001
Successful national and international exhibitions
Focus on the topic of light

In 2004, Lutz Münzfeld passed away after a long illness in Cologne.


About his work

Lutz Münzfeld is primarily concerned with the presentation of light. Motifs and themes arise from fleeting impressions at varying hours of the day and seasons, sometimes at the same locations. This way, he associates with the school of Impressionism. Furthermore, only lightfast colors were used. In search of the necessary color values, he was inspired by Tibetan Buddhism. There, the primary colors (red, green, yellow, blue, and white = fire, water, soil, air, space) lend themselves to a natural portraiture of light and shadow.

Aside from the spatial component (far landscapes) and the markedly concrete view (windows/doors), he takes into consideration the aspect of daytime. This way, Münzfeld reaches a complex space-time approach towards landscape and object in flux under the sunlight. For him, creating an image is becoming a process of spiritual creation.